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Dhol Drummers

The Dhol Drum is a double headed drum which is beaten with cane sticks to make the distinct sound of a party in full swing! Made of a wooden shell, it is the shape and the skin covered ends which makes the Dhol sound so energetic.

The Dhol dates back to the 15th century when used in war times to scare the opposition into retreat. The Drum was then used by farmers in the north of India - notably in the Punjab - as a signalling tool and subsequently entered musical culture. Since farmers used the Dhol to celebrate the harvest, the instrument is synonymous with celebrating good times.

The Dhol drum became fundamental to Bhangra music and in the early 60's people would bring their instruments with them from India to the UK. Now the Dhol is a must at all Asian celebrations, whatever the occasion. As with all instruments, the Dhol can be played in a range of styles, but the most common is traditional Bhangra. Modern styles include Garage and Drum &
Bass, but Dhol lovers always come back to the Bhangra sounds!

Dhol Drummers can be found at most Asian weddings in the UK, letting guests know that the bride is making her way to the ceremony. The drummers liven up the evening by playing on their own or along with the DJ. One thing for sure is that once the Dhol Drummers start playing, everyone gets up to dance!

The Dhol is also used on stage performance during many multicultural or British Asian shows. The Dhol Drummers, dressed up in traditional North Indian clothing, will always catch an audience's attention.

What to consider when booking your Dhol Drummers:

• Is your event suitable for the loud Drumming and traditional dress of the Dhol Drummers? The Dhol is an instrument of celebration and WILL capture the attention of all your guests.

• Most Drummers are based in London and Birmingham – so be prepared to pay a premium if you are based far outside these areas.

• How many Dhol Drummers do you envisage your function to require – a minimum of four drummers looks good, but the more the better!

• Have you heard the drums before? Ask for a sample before you book, alternatively go to a concert or gig.

• Dhol Drummers usually ask for cash on the day of the event and no deposit payable beforehand so you know what you are getting and can budget appropriately.

This article was kindly contributed by Rameet Singh Uberoi of dhol drummers


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