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The Top Ten Wedding Aftershaves

While a great haircut, stylish shoes, and a killer smile can work wonders, you can also seduce your bride by smelling great. Whether there's a fragrance you swear by and refuse to discard, or know it's time to change your trademark scent, you can find some of the greatest aftershaves available, right here.

Your choice of fragrance not only says a lot about your personality, the fragrance you use should also befit the occasion. With this in mind we have come up trumps with the most alluring shaadi afterhaves for 2006.

Just go and buy what smells nice on you. That's the golden rule. And don't buy something until you've worn it for a day. Most department store counters will have sample sizes that you can take away. Scent can change so much over a few hours depending on your body chemistry.

And before you open that bottle...REMEMBER...you should be wearing the fragrance, the fragrance should not wear you. Less is definitely more; wear your aftershave so that it is gently discernible NOT so that you smell like you've came from an explosion at the aftershave bottling plant!

Dark Blue by Hugo Boss exudes refinement and sophistication and has proven thus far to be very popular with the ladies. Show the women who's boss with this masculine fragrance that will have all the ladies bowing to your every whim. "Hugo Dark Blue" is classified as refreshing and woody, thanks to a blend of orange, sandalwood and patchouli (which is believed to have aphrodisiacal effects). More suite for evening use than day wear.

While your fiancee probably swears by Clinique's line of skin care products, you can enjoy the company's subtle and refreshing fragrance. "Happy" attributes its fresh and citrusy yet masculine scent to a combination of lemon, mandarin, orange, and grapefruit. With it's light top notes and subtle scent this is best suited for day wear and a hot favourite for summer weddings.

Cool Water is an aftershave that will never die. A fresh and contemporary classic fragrance combining spicy strength and sweet sensuality with aqua freshness. Women go crazy over this fragrance and it's versatile enough to be worn during the day time and leave a scent of sex appeal behind at night. Invigorating and classy to it's core this is YDS style guru, Rahul Katrak's signature fragrance . Enough said, go out and buy it!


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